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Hi, I'm Jeff Dooley, (glimmer). I live in Northern California and work as a contract consultant to business and government. Most of my work has been helping to design self-correcting work processes.

For the past decade or so I have been working more and more in organizations with people who want to put martial arts principles to use in everyday life.

My wife suggested, sometime in 1985, that I might be able to become less tense in everyday life if I took up Tai Chi. We studied a Yang 37 move form together for about a year and then she quit, but I kept on.

Eventually my interest in martial arts led me to sample a variety of styles, and during the mid-1990s I switched to Aikido. Currently I hold the rank of 3rd degree black belt. In time, I found a way to begin applying my interest in martial arts within my work life both as a teacher and a student.