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The pictures came out amseowe! You were wonderful, professional, and just amseowe with my family! Thank you so much for everything. Eddie left Tuesday and took his pictures with him. Thank you.


Wow, Melissa, you're fast! Thanks so much! I love that we'll have such nice photos of ouerlevss now. And for all my stressing about my bad haircut, it actually held up pretty well.

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Aikido Quotes

  • O-Sensei: My students think I don't lose my center. That is not so; I simply recognize it sooner and get back faster.

  • Morihiro Saito Sensei: Aikido is generally believed to represent circular movements. Contrary to such belief, however, Aikido, in its true KI form, is a fierce art piercing straight through the center of opposition.

  • Furuya Sensei on Swordsmanship: Letting go of the idea of “sword” and the idea of “action” is the meaning behind “willow in the gentle breeze.” When the slight summer breeze blows, does the willow follow the “nature of the willow,” or does it follow the “nature of the breeze?” Please think about this - in this lies the essence of sword technique.