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Can't imagine what Memorial Day would be like without Aviv Sensei! Well it was cold and rainy in Iwama -- the mountains and the town itself seemed to grieve for Hitohiro's absence... or at least it was heralding the beginning of the rainy season.

I'm glad Hitohiro Sensei's class went so well -- but I'm always so surprised by seeing him without facial hair. He looks much more like his father now, and acts like it too I think.

He'll be back tonight I believe, but won't start teaching until tomorrow -- I could be wrong about that. There will be a new American uchideshi arriving today -- his name is Brian. He'll be alone for a while -- not sure when the next will get here. We'll try to keep him out of trouble!

Jeff Dooley

I spent most of the first class yesterday thinking, "Jeez, he looks so much like his father." We did hear about the new tatami mats and the dojo expansion. Some of the money from the bokken sales were going to help pay for it.


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Aikido Quotes

  • O-Sensei: My students think I don't lose my center. That is not so; I simply recognize it sooner and get back faster.

  • Morihiro Saito Sensei: Aikido is generally believed to represent circular movements. Contrary to such belief, however, Aikido, in its true KI form, is a fierce art piercing straight through the center of opposition.

  • Furuya Sensei on Swordsmanship: Letting go of the idea of “sword” and the idea of “action” is the meaning behind “willow in the gentle breeze.” When the slight summer breeze blows, does the willow follow the “nature of the willow,” or does it follow the “nature of the breeze?” Please think about this - in this lies the essence of sword technique.