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I really hope Dennis starts feeling better -- if it takes moving to the Phillipines for his health to improve, then I'm glad for it. I'll be really disappointed when he leaves -- especially since it will most likely be soon after I get back from Japan. :(

I miss him over here.


Still waiting on news about the seminar this past weekend with Hitohiro Sensei! :)

Jeff Dooley

Dennis was hurting pretty bad on Saturday, but he seemed to feel better on Sunday and even practiced Sunday afternoon. You could hear his kiai all the way across the room.


Thanks Gary Bloom, for letting us know that on the FACT Sheet page their is an edintig error in two places; Tournament Date is OCTOBER 22, 2011 NOT 2010, and Entry Deadline for best rate stated October 15, 2010 . Too late to edit these now. We are still accepting registrations and will honor the pregistration best rate up through October 21, 2011.

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