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We serve our country, we can not all use the same way, each person should be in accordance with the intrinsic data, whatever.

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Hola, amic Ferran. Com be t'expliquen dalt, en el llistat d'escoles estc3a0 quasi tota la inmcrfaoic3b3 que cal (menys el preu, jeje).De tota manera, si vols, envia'ns un email ag a n d i a @ a i k i d o v a l e n c i a . e si et contem tot el que et siga precc3ads.


Ok. The second part (Throwing/joint mauianlption)? Yes. Both arts train HEAVILY in those from the get go.You will learn some basic defense techniques against punches, and progress with them. Being able to use them in sparring, however, would depend on the school. I would assume Bujinkan would be the same, but I don't know.


Jetski means Katy Sagal, I'm waiting for Adenaline to call me back so I can get arm barerd again, fyi my buddy Clay is a film buff, loves your blog and only wears nerdy movie tees in his free time


Mutual respect ceeatrd in this way has such a natural rhythm to it, doesn't it? I was just discussing this topic with my 13 year old yesterday - and how nice it would be if the students and staff at his public school had more opportunity to build relationships like this, relationships built from respect. The blog you link to is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it!

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Aikido Quotes

  • O-Sensei: My students think I don't lose my center. That is not so; I simply recognize it sooner and get back faster.

  • Morihiro Saito Sensei: Aikido is generally believed to represent circular movements. Contrary to such belief, however, Aikido, in its true KI form, is a fierce art piercing straight through the center of opposition.

  • Furuya Sensei on Swordsmanship: Letting go of the idea of “sword” and the idea of “action” is the meaning behind “willow in the gentle breeze.” When the slight summer breeze blows, does the willow follow the “nature of the willow,” or does it follow the “nature of the breeze?” Please think about this - in this lies the essence of sword technique.