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That's a common dilemna with the 31 kumijo. Ryan was teaching it to me for my 2d kyu, and he kept switching roles, and getting annoyed with me because it wasn't working out. We usually count, too.

Jeff Dooley

Today Tatoian Sensei told me that once about fifteen years ago a big Japanese sensei had come to the US and had wanted to see the 31 kumijo. Tatoian Sensei said that he and his partner, Jay Bell, went out to demonstrate the form and ended up switching roles on each other about four times, adopting the new roles each of them without missing a beat. When it was over nobody knew anything had been out of order except for the two who did the demonstration, and Goto Sensei, who had been watching.


I, too, am a descendant of Penelope and Christopher Clark. Their dhguater,Rachel Clark, married Thomas Moorman and they had a dhguater ,Rachel Moorman, who married Stephen Goggin (Jr.) see #10 post above.My line changes from yours, Frances. My descendancy follows Stephen and Rachel Goggin; they had a son, Stephen,III. He married Jannet Robertson and they had a daugher, Mary Alice Goggin. She married David Parker and they had a son, William David Parker. William married Susan(nah) Joanna (Johanna) Graves, dhguater of Francis Lafayette Washington Graves; they had a dhguater, Elizabeth Ava Parker. She married Peyton Graves Edwards, son of Harden Haviston (& Roenna) Edwards. Their oldest son was Daniel Peyton Edwards. He married Esther Valentine Griffin. They had a son, Daniel Peyton Edwards, Jr., my father.I would welcome anyones input regarding my ancestors and also if anyone has an available copy of Todd Bolens book, e2€œThe BOLLING, BOWLIN, BOLEN Family in America before 1800 Id like to get a copy. I have been in recent (e-mail) contact with Todd and he has been most helpful but, unfortunately no longer has any copies of his book.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Anita

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Aikido Quotes

  • O-Sensei: My students think I don't lose my center. That is not so; I simply recognize it sooner and get back faster.

  • Morihiro Saito Sensei: Aikido is generally believed to represent circular movements. Contrary to such belief, however, Aikido, in its true KI form, is a fierce art piercing straight through the center of opposition.

  • Furuya Sensei on Swordsmanship: Letting go of the idea of “sword” and the idea of “action” is the meaning behind “willow in the gentle breeze.” When the slight summer breeze blows, does the willow follow the “nature of the willow,” or does it follow the “nature of the breeze?” Please think about this - in this lies the essence of sword technique.